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The World and Wine

Posted by on Jan 24, 2018

The World and Wine

Today there are many different countries that make wine and although this has been the case for many years, it is not until fairly recently that many of those countries are offering up their wines for export all over the world. This means that the traditional countries for exporting wine are seeing a decrease in demand for their wines. Unfortunately though, some of the newer introduced wines cannot match the tradition exported wines for quality and so some connoisseurs of fine wine have to find a way to get their particular favourite wines or drop their standards and accept wines of lower quality.

The wines from a northern region of Italy are particularly fine wines of high quality and are known as the langhe wines but unfortunately, due to the times, these wines are no longer stocked by all the retailers of wine and so a discerning wine lover would have to at one time, search high and low for their favourite tipple. Now however, due to the website by Shop Langhe, no one need be without their favourite wine, not if that favourite is a Langhe wine at least.

The website specializes in products from Langhe and can have them delivered all around the world within just one week of the order being placed. The wines and other products do of course have a cost to be shipped to you and although the price you pay will depend on the size of your order and where exactly you are located, the prices are very reasonable for such a quick service.


Why this particular website deserves mention is because the wines from the Langhe region are among some of the best in the world and have even earned the region in which they are produced, the very distinguished honour of being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage due to their history of dedication to the wine industry. That was in 2014 but that was not the first time that the Lagnhe wines has been recognized as wines of high quality as, in the middle of the 20th century, when Italy decided to adopt a certification for the finer wines of the country by awarding them either the title DOC, DOCG or IGT, many of the Langhe wines were included in this certification. To recognize this distinction, each label of the better Langhe wines is endorsed with the relevant initials DOC, DOCG or IGT and it is this endorsement which identifies the wines as being authentic and of the highest quality.

Connoisseurs of wine do of course have their own personal tastes but many of them will have at least one Langhe wine among their favourites and so will be interested in this site, as will any discerning restaurant that wants to offer the best possible selection of wines from their wine cellars. The site is also available for wine retailers, on the high street or online, to make orders and usually, as their orders are larger, receive significant discounts.

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