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The most necessary kitchen appliance for your home

Posted by on Oct 31, 2016

We live in a time when we barely have enough time to sleep, not to mention other elementary needs. We simply are in a constant hurry for money and business, and more often it happens that we eat only junk food. The question is how to avoid that kind of nutrition. How to find a time to prepare yourself fresh and healthy food? Well, there are some ways t manage this and to save yourself a lot of time. You can buy some necessary appliances that are a real lifesaver.

There is top five kitchen appliance you need to have in your kitchen


modern-rice-cookers-and-food-steamersThe best way to cook something and to keep all its healthy ingredients is to cook them in a steamer. This way you will manage to absorb the vitamin C from your broccoli. You can make an experiment. Just observe the color of your broccoli when you boil it in the pot and when you use your steamer. The one from the steamer will look fresh, and it will keep its original color and all the important vitamins. When you boil it in the pot, the first change you will notice is the color; it will become pale, and it will lose 50% of the healthy ingredients.


Something it is unhealthy, but it is a real miracle and the revolution of the modern cooking. First of all, any warm food is better than the cold ones. As a matter a fact, it is very simple. The best way to destroy bacteria is to heat them. They cannot bare high temperatures, and there is no better kind of sterilization than this one. Not to mention that the food is tastier when you warm it up.


There is no better breakfast than a toast combined with a lot of other things. In France, the most famous type of breakfast is so called croquet-monsieur, and it is nothing else than toast bread baked with butter, cheese, and ham. The good thing about toasting is that you can use old bread. It is fast and healthier than to eat a fresh one.

Blender – the best way to combine ingredients

This one is my favorite because you can intake a lot of fresh, raw and healthy ingredients this way. Here you have the possibility to play with food, to combine practically everything and to eat every day something new. The best thing is the fact that you can bring it with you wherever you go. It is a real nutrient bullet and the power source that every bbbusy modern person should intake during the day. Avoid using it with milk because this product can reduce the absorption of the iron. All these products will reduce the waste of time that you spend on the preparation of the food and still I will allow you to intake all necessary ingredients during the day. This way you can continue to live fast and still eat healthy food at the same time.

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