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Good News for Pain Sufferers

Posted by on Nov 6, 2018

Good News for Pain Sufferers

Recently there has been good news for people who suffer from muscle pain either occasionally or chronically and that news is that the American CBD company now produces a muscle pain relief cream which actually works and is reasonably priced. The CBD pain cream is produced using an extract from some of the many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. The hemp plant is of course also known a cannabis or marijuana but the company has isolated the beneficial cannabinoids in hemp, from the ones which provide adverse side-effects such as giving a ‘high’.

It is true that marijuana can give you a high and this led medical authorities to ban its use for medical purposes as it could perhaps do more harm than good. What has changed though is the fact that today scientists have been able to differentiate between the bad cannabinoids in hemp and the good ones which can offer beneficial medical help? The letters CBD stand for Cannabidiol and they are cannabinoids which offer medical relief whilst the cannabinoids containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are the ones which provide a high. By being able to segregate these two types of cannabinoids, it is now safe to use the CBDs for medical purposes without any fear of there being adverse side-effects.

Pain relief is not the only medical condition which the properties of hemp may be able to help with as researchers are now looking at the possibility that some of the hemp properties can assist cancer and Alzheimer’s disease patients, along with many other ailments. For many years the healing properties of hemp have been well-known but prior to being able to recognize and segregate the different cannabinoids, adverse side-effects often outweighed the good hemp did.

It has been said by some that hemp is the most valuable plant on the planet for humans but whilst this may not actually be true, there is little doubt that it can offer us a multitude of benefits. Certain cannabinoids in hemp, now they can be isolated, can have untold numbers of benefits to the medical profession in their treatment of patience but hemp’s uses do not stop there. Oil can be extracted from hemp and it was shown to be able to replace fuel in vehicles, in fact, the first Ford car ever designed was designed to run exclusively on hemp oil. The pulp of hemp can be used in the garment industry and also in the production of products which is currently made from paper. Paper, of course, comes from trees and it is the use of tremendous amounts of paper which is said to contribute to global warming as there becomes fewer and fewer trees breathing oxygen into the atmosphere. Unlike trees through which take years to replace, hemp can be harvested twice a year as it is very fast growing and needs little to no maintenance and care. Will this mean that in our future we will have forests along-side fields of hemp?

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